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General Information

Please make yourself familiar with all of the following material: 
  • Learning the CFS Alarm System

  • Paychex Flex App

  • Clocking in and out

  • Using Pacific Pride Fuel Cards

  • Pre/Post Trip Inspections

  • CFS No Smoking Policy

  • CFS Cell Phone Policy


CFS Alarm System

The alarm system is armed after hours and on the weekend. If you are the first driver in or the last one out, you will need to Arm/Disarm the alarm.


Steps necessary:

-Press the Arm/Disarm button

-Enter your pin

-Press the Enter button


Please make sure that the alarm has correctly been armed or disarmed. If there are any problems, please call Jim or Maureen immediately. We will be fined each time Sonitrol has to send out an officer for a false alarm. They will call Jim or Maureen before sending a patrol vehicle.


All drivers have "level 2" access. This allows you access through the warehouse side door. Please contact immediately if Security Badge is lost or misplaced.


PayCheck Flex

Columbia Freight Systems manages all payroll features with Paycheck Flex, an all-in-one human resource software and service solution used to handle HR, payroll, and benefits in a single platform (PaycheckFlex, 2021).

  • 401K

    • Make contribution changes​

    • Lookup balances and YTD performance

    • Research investment options

  • Payroll

    • Download previous check stubs and W2's​

    • Make Changes to deductions

    • Add emergency contact

    • View vacation & sick hours

Access Paycheck Flex:

  • Go to

  • Download the app in either the Apple App Store or Google Play


Clocking in and out

For those of you who start and end your time at CFS, you will find the time kiosk in the warehouse with a Paychex Flex Kiosk app, similar to TSheets/QuickBooks. You will use your employee ID that is in Paychex as your pin when you clock in and out on the kiosk. Contact Amalia if you are unable to find your pin.

All drivers who do not start or end their day at CFS must use the Paychex Flex app to clock in/out. These hourly records are kept as proof of hours-of-service and must reflect your actual time on the clock. They are also used for other auditable reports that need to be maintained accurately. 

If there are any corrections that need to be made, please email or text Amalia.


Pay Periods:

Work completed between the 12th-25th will be paid on the 1st of every month. 

Work completed between the 26th-11th will be paid every 15th of the month.

CFS Fuel Cards

Each truck has been assigned two fuel cards. These are kept attached to the truck's keys. You will be given a floating pin that will work with any of the truck's fuel cards. Make sure to memorize the pin. One will work at CFN pumps and the other at Pacific Pride.

There are times when these cards get shuffled around. Please enter the truck number when asked for the odometer reading. This is important for IFTA reporting purposes.

If you have any problems at the pump, please call the customer service number on the card.

There are often problems that cannot be corrected unless you are at the pump, so please stay directly near the gas pump. The customer service number may also verify that you are using the correct pin if necessary.


Pre-Trip/Post Trip Inspections

  • Every driver should have their own pre-trip inspection logbooks.

  • Fill out the form each day completely noting the stating mileage at the top of the form.

  • When crossing into Washington, reset your trip odometer.

  • At the end of your shift, CLEARLY note the final mileage and the number of miles driven in Washington for IFTA reporting.

  • At the end of your shift, file your inspection report in the file by the truck number. If this is for a rental, there is a tab designated for rentals.


Optional PDF Download

Smoking Policy

Columbia Freight Systems has a strict NO SMOKING policy while inside CFS trucks, NO EXCEPTIONS. These trucks are not assigned to drivers and may be moved between drivers for any number of reasons. Several employees are severely asthmatic or are allergic to cigarette smoke. 

Due to possible hazardous material within the warehouse, smoking should be 10-12 ft from all building entrances.


CFS Cell Phone Policy


Just a reminder, as of October 1st, 2017, the Oregon House Bill 2597 (Distracted Driving Law) is in effect. The essential requirement states that driving while holding or using an electronic device (e.g., cell phone, tablet GPS, laptop) is illegal. The law refers truck drivers to follow all federal rules for CDL drivers. As stated by the FMCSA, "It's easy to comply with the new rules: No Reaching, No Holding, No Dialing, No Texting, No Reading."

The Columbia Freight Systems Cell Phone Policy follows all Federal and State regulations. Please remember that reading and responding to dispatch, along with sending POD's or updates, should take place before leaving each location or when you are pulled over to the side of the road and parked.

Please be advised that our current insurance carrier will not insure any driver with a cell phone violation on their record. 

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